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The "Balance" feature in your Vue: Gen 3 Home Energy Monitor plays a crucial role in providing a comprehensive view of your home's energy usage. It calculates the difference between the total energy detected by the 200A main current transformers (CTs) and the sum of energy monitored by the 50A circuit-level CTs. This can be visualized simply as:

Balance = Total Mains Energy (200A CT's combined) - Sum of Circuit Energies (50A CT's, 1 to 16)

If the Balance value appears unusual, it typically points to a discrepancy in sensor measurements. Below, we outline common scenarios that may lead to unexpected Balance values, and provide step-by-step guidance to troubleshoot these issues.

Scenario 1: Balance is Higher Than Expected

A higher-than-expected Balance value may arise from the following situations:

Scenario 2: Balance Displays in Green

A green Balance value indicates negative numbers, typically resulting from:

Multipliers and Balance Accuracy

Multipliers may cause Balance discrepancies if circuits they represent do not perform uniformly. Since 200A CTs measure direct usage and multipliers estimate unmonitored consumption, inconsistencies can occur. Addressing circuit-specific multiplier use is a critical first step in troubleshooting Balance issues.

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