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CT Sensors - Proper alignment, placement
CT Sensors - Proper alignment, placement
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The Vue: Gen 3 Home Energy Monitor utilizes Current Transformer (CT) sensors for precise measurement of electrical consumption and production. This article aims to guide you through the installation and orientation process for these CT sensors, ensuring accurate and reliable energy monitoring within your electrical panel.

Installation of CT Sensors

The design of the CT sensors affords a considerable degree of installation flexibility. They can be positioned along any part of the circuit line as required, ensuring they are not confined to the immediate vicinity of the breaker or line terminals, especially in areas where space constraints exist. They should not be used on any neutral lines, live only.

Sensor Port Compatibility

200A CT Sensors
The Vue: Gen 3 system is engineered to automatically identify the phase and voltage corresponding to each sensor, eliminating the need for manual specification of sensor ports. Consequently, the 200A CT sensors can be connected to any available port labeled A, B, or C with full functionality assured.

50A CT Sensors
Similarly, the 50A CT sensors can be inserted into any of the side ports. For your convenience, port numbers are clearly labeled below the terminal block port, facilitating correct placement.

Correct Alignment of CT Sensors

General Circuitry
For the majority of circuits, including the main system and 200A CTs, the correct orientation involves aligning the “Breaker” arrow on the sensor to point towards the breakers, away from the load/source. This ensures accurate measurement of power consumption.

Renewable Energy Sources (Solar)
In scenarios involving renewable energy generation (e.g., solar panels or generators), the direction of the 50A CT sensor is reversed. This adjustment accounts for the inverse direction of power flow, with the “Breaker” arrow pointing towards the renewable energy source (such as a solar inverter).

Please note, the orientation of the panel and breakers may vary; however, the underlying principle of correct sensor alignment remains consistent.


Utilizing Flexible Sensors

Flexible Sensors for Vue: Gen 3 will be available late spring of '24.

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