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CT's / Sensors - How do they work?
CT's / Sensors - How do they work?
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The Current Transformers (CTs) are essential components of the Vue: Gen 3 home energy monitor, enabling it to measure power consumption in real-time with precision. These sensors are crafted with a unique magnetic material known as Ferrite, which possesses exceptional properties allowing for the accurate measurement of alternating current flowing through any circuit line or wire. Designed for ease of use, they feature a split-core design, enabling them to be easily clamped around a circuit line without the need for detaching the line or conducting any electrical work.

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Our 200A CTs are specifically tailored for placement on the system's main lines, capable of measuring up to 250A when connected to the Vue: Gen 3's main ports (labeled A, B, and C). Meanwhile, the 50A CTs are capable of measuring currents up to 75A. It's important to note that exceeding these amperage limits will not damage the Vue: Gen 3 device or the sensors themselves. They are designed to passively monitor power, ensuring safety and reliability, with measurements capping at the mentioned limits due to the design of the Vue: Gen 3 device ports rather than the sensors themselves.

How Many 200A CTs Are Required?

The number of 200A CTs needed is determined by the phase count of your electrical system, requiring one 200A CT sensor per phase/live main line. It's important to note that neutral and/or ground lines are not considered in the "phase" count.

Can I Use a 200A CT on a Side Port?

Absolutely - however the only advantage to do so is for a larger sensor diameter for larger wire gauge. The device ports are the determining factor related to the maximum amperage measurement quality, so using a 200A CT on a 50A CT port will still be limited to ~75A (as a normal 50A CT would be). We will also have larger diameter 50A CT's available soon to help in these situations as well.

If wanting to use the larger sensor size - you'll need to re-attach the sensor wire into a smaller 50A CT sized terminal block to fit into the side port. Important that you match the black wire (positive) from the CT to the properly marked black/solid terminal indicator labeled on the device and the white wire (negative) to the white/empty terminal indicator. Once properly attached, you can add a 4.0 multiplier to that circuit within the app settings to adjust the calibration for the different sensor size.

Can I Use a 50A CT on a Top Port?

Yes, you can. This will require you to re-attach the sensor wires into a 200A CT terminal block for compatibility with the device port, in addition to a 0.25 multiplier within the app settings for sensor size calibration adjustments.

Flexible Sensors - Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that Flexible Sensors will be available for the Vue: Gen 3 device by early spring of '24. These sensors offer a versatile solution for situations where accessing mains is challenging. Unlike standard CTs, Flexible Sensors utilize "Rogowski coils" and come with a separate 120V power supply included with your purchase from our shop. These coils are designed to easily attach around a circuit line without needing disconnection, mirroring the convenience of standard CTs.

To ensure compatibility and proper installation space for Flexible Sensors, please refer to the specifications available on our website.

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