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Energy Monitors
Energy Monitors

Articles about the family of Vue energy monitors.

51 articles
Setup and Installation

Details about the hardware-related installation of a Vue energy monitor.

Can I use an outlet/plug to power the Vue instead of the regular installation?We recommend using the wire harness for accuracy and performance.
Can I use the 200A CT's on circuits other than mains?Yes, but it may affect how your device calculates usage depending on how they're used. Details here.
Do the 200A CT's need to be connected?Not required - 50A CT measurements still work without 200A CT's connected.
Wire Harness - Breakers larger than 15 AmpsHow to connect the wire harness for breakers > 15A.
CT Sensors - More than one line through a sensor?Possible to monitor multiple lines with a single sensor? Yes, with a few key points.
CT Sensors - More than 16 circuits to monitor?Have a bunch of circuits needing to be tracked? We have you covered.
CT Sensors - Monitoring Dual-Pole/Multi-Pole Circuits and using MultipliersCapturing multiple related circuit lines accurately and reliably with the Vue CT's.
CT Sensors - Proper alignment, placementHow to setup the CT's for your Vue energy monitor.
Does my Vue 3 need a multiplier on "mains" for a 240V system?For most situations no - Vue Gen 3 and Gen 2 both track voltage accurately without the need for multipliers.
Setup a Vue: Gen 3 for Sub-MeteringTracking specific usage with the Vue energy monitor.
Solar MonitoringSetting up the Vue to track your solar production and Net correctly.
Hardware installationSome other questions related to the panel installation of Vue energy monitors.
Bi-Directional 50A CT UpdateYour Vue monitor just received an update - track bidirectional usage more accurately.
Adjusting CT wire length - Vue 3How to customize the CT length, extending or shortening, on Vue 3.
Extending CT's/Sensors - Vue 2Requirements for extending the CT length for the Vue 2 device only.