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Account Options
Updated over a week ago

A typical "Account" screen in the app will look like this:


Email Address - saved for account. Not adjustable in-app at the moment, details of changing your Email Address connected to the account can be found here.

Ad Visibility - Toggles "ads" for additional Emporia devices on the Home screen (screenshot below).

Currency Symbol - allows you to change the displayed currency label shown in app.

Delete Account - Tapping this will delete your current Emporia account. Note, will not fix device related issues, only removes your account data from the database.

Logout - Tapping this will log you out of the existing Emporia account and allow you to log in with a new one.

Screenshot of "Ad Visibility" in-app


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This knowledge base is pretty new for the Emporia team. Our goal is to provide all of the information we can to help you manage your energy in better ways. If this article wasn't helpful, or we could be more clarifying on any points please reach out to the Customer Support team and we'll certainly work to improve these guides.

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