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Units of Measurement
Updated over a week ago

Emporia devices will be able to provide power/energy measurements in a variety of available "units of measurement". Those include:

  • - Kilowatts / Kilowatt-hours (kW, kWh)

  • - Amps / Amp-hours (A, Ah)

  • - Currency (based on calculation between cost/rate and kW)

  • - Volts (V)

  • - Gallons of Gasoline, Carbon and "Trees"

All measurements shown in the seconds, minutes, and 15-min data is in power as measured in kilowatts (kW) or Amps (A). These are averaged measurements for the duration of the time resolution shown.

All measurements shown in the hourly (1-hr) resolutions and higher is in energy, as measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) or Amp-hours (Ah). Most utilities bill/charge based on kWh (energy) measurements taken from the utility meter.

Understanding the difference between real time power and energy is crucial to understanding the difference in the numbers shown in the app or CSV Exports.

Voltage (V) measurements are shown as an average between the phases of power captured by the Gen 2's wire harness. Note that in the graphs, we combine voltage across phases into one reading.

Here is how you can change the displayed "unit of measurement" within the app:

Tap the app menu icon (โ‰ก) in the upper left corner, then tap Units of Measurement, then select the desired unit from the list.


Feedback and Suggestions

This knowledge base is pretty new for the Emporia team. Our goal is to provide all of the information we can to help you manage your energy in better ways. If this article wasn't helpful, or we could be more clarifying on any points please reach out to the Customer Support team and we'll certainly work to improve these guides.

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