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Basics of Measurement Data
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You can export CSV files at anytime with raw data from your Emporia device.

Seconds-resolution data?
Second by second real time data is available when the app is open and active. Whenever the Emporia app is not open, the Emporia devices will revert to minute-resolution data retention.

Where can I see In and Out from Grid?
Time resolutions Day, Week, Month and Year show “In from Grid” and “Out to Grid”. Since it's a calculation, it does not come in the CSV files, once CSV files bring only raw data from the sensors.

Where can I see 15min data?
Time resolution of 15 minutes is only available on export files. We also only display it for the current month. Check the Emporia app in the Month resolution.

How does the Emporia app calculate 15-min data?
Regarding the measurements, we use averaged kW as a unit of measurement for seconds, minutes and 15-min time resolutions. To build those averaged kW values, the device will capture 20,000 data points each second to build that accurate averaged amount. kW values are different from kWh however, with kW being real time power (how much you're consuming in real time), while kWh is power-consumed-over-time. So the hourly and higher measurements will display the total amount of energy consumed in kWh which is what your utility provider records usage as, while kW is the average amount of real time power. Given that there are 4 x 15-minute periods within each hour, it should be expected that the 15-min data is 4 times higher than the kWh for the same time period. If you add up all 15-min kW averages for an hour and divide that by 4, that'll get you an "average kW for the hour", which should exactly equal actual kWh consumed during the same hour.

What is an hour in the CSV files?
In the CSV files, the time field brings the beginning of the window period. For example, the 1:00am field brings data from 1:00:00am to 1:59:59am.

What time a day starts?
The Day resolution in the Emporia app goes from 12:00:00AM-11:59:59PM

When the week starts?
The Week resolution in the Emporia app goes from Monday at 00:00:00am to Sunday 11:59:59pm.

When the month starts?
Month goes from the 1st to the last day of the month, unless you set the billing date, then the month starts in the day you have set. If your billing date is set for the 8th, it goes from the 8th of this month, to the 7th of the next month.

First measurements of an Emporia device

You can see a discrepancy in the first charge measurements of any Emporia device. This discrepancy happens only in the first hour of life of the device, as soon as you connect the device because the first minutes of measurement were recorded by the device's measurement value, but hourly and daily measurement data tracks from hour to hour, so the hourly data is missing that initial minutes of data, since it didn’t have a previous hour measurements to compare against. This is expected and not an error.

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