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The Vue: Gen 3's design philosophy is centered on universal compatibility, tailored to meet the needs of various electrical setups. However, your selection isn't just about counting sensors. It's also about ensuring you can practically deploy them in your specific environment.

Understanding Sensor Needs:

200A CT Sensors:

- Three-Phase Electrical Systems: Opt for a Vue: Gen 3 kit that includes 3x 200A CT sensors. This ensures comprehensive coverage, with one sensor for each phase of your main lines. Rest assured, sensors on the neutral line are not necessary.
- Single or Single-Split (Two-Phase) Systems: Any Vue: Gen 3 kit will meet your needs, as all come equipped with at least 2x 200A CT sensors. For single-phase systems, one 200A CT sensor on the live main line suffices, omitting the need for neutral line sensors.

50A CT Sensors:

The quantity of 50A CT sensors hinges on the range of circuits you wish to monitor. Starting with high-consumption circuits is wise if you're looking to minimize sensor usage. Remember, expanding your setup with additional sensors or devices later is always an option for deeper insights.

Special Consideration: Flexible Sensors

Here's an additional layer to consider: accessibility to your main lines. In instances where standard sensors might not fit due to limited space or unconventional main line configurations, our Flexible Sensors emerge as the solution. These slimmer sensors are designed to navigate tight spaces effortlessly. Though they come at a higher price point and aren't included by default, they're invaluable for ensuring your Vue: Gen 3 adapts to even the most unique setups.

Unfortunately we do not have Flexible Sensors available for the Vue: Gen 3 at the moment, but they will be available starting early spring of '24.

Multiple Devices:

Should your monitoring ambitions extend to multiple panels or exceed 16 branch circuits (a limitation of the Vue: Gen 3 for 50A CT sensors), incorporating more than one Vue: Gen 3 device enables a comprehensive capture of your energy data.

Other Requirements:

Beyond hardware, a successful setup requires:
- A 2.4GHz WiFi connection with internet access.
- Accessibility to your electrical panel's breakers and wiring.

Rest assured, each Vue: Gen 3 kit includes all necessary hardware, from the WiFi antenna to the Wire Harness, ensuring you're ready to embark on your energy monitoring journey right out of the box.

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