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Can I use the 200A CT's on circuits other than mains?
Can I use the 200A CT's on circuits other than mains?
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Designed with precision and adaptability in mind, the Vue: Gen 3 utilizes current transformers (CTs) as sensors to measure electrical currents flowing through circuit lines. To cater to different monitoring needs, the device comes equipped with two sizes of sensors: 200A for main line monitoring and 50A for branch circuit monitoring.

Using 200A CTs (and main ports) on branch circuit usage: What You Need to Know

1. Integration and Display in the Emporia App: When sensors are connected to the mains ports (labeled A, B, and C), the Emporia app aggregates the data from these sensors to display a combined total or net usage. Currently, the app does not support the separation of data for individual mains sensors. This means all mains consumption, regardless of the sensor size used, is presented as a single cumulative figure.

2. Impact on Usage Calculations: The app calculates percentages and balance metrics based on the total (net) usage data. It's crucial to note that if 200A CTs are employed not directly in monitoring the main upstream lines but are instead used in place of 50A CTs on branch circuits, this can lead to significant discrepancies in balance and percentage calculations. The app assumes a specific configuration for these calculations, so deviating from this can affect the accuracy of these metrics. Despite these potential disparities in balance and percentage figures, the accuracy of the raw measurements themselves remains unaffected.

Continuous Improvement and Support

The Vue: Gen 3 represents Emporia Energy's commitment to advancing energy management technology. As we navigate the early stages of this product's lifecycle, our dedication to enhancing user understanding and satisfaction is paramount. We recognize the importance of clear, precise information in achieving this goal.

Should you find any aspect of this article unclear, or if there are additional details you believe could enhance your understanding and usage of the Vue: Gen 3, we warmly invite you to reach out to our Customer Support team. Your feedback is invaluable to us in refining our knowledge base and ensuring our guides are as helpful and informative as possible.

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