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Time Zone
Updated over a week ago

Having an appropriate Time Zone set for your device will be important for a variety of functionality. That includes accurate measurements (to make sure they're captured at the right time frame) as well as notifications, Energy Management/Scheduling and more.

Here is how you can add a Time Zone setting for an Emporia device:

  1. Select the Menu(☰) in top left corner

  2. Select Household Info under Settings

  3. Select Time Zone

  4. Select the device you would like to make changes to

  5. Select the appropriate Time Zone and select Save

Screenshots of these steps are as follows:

(assuming a Gen 2 device named "Home Monitor")

Select menu icon, tap Household Info:


From Household Info, you'll select Time Zone, then the device you'd like to assign the Time Zone setting to. On the Change Time Zone page, you can select the drop-down, the appropriate Time Zone to be set and then tap Save to have that applied.


Once Save is selected, then everything should update and re-calculate for the newly selected Time Zone setting.

Feedback and Suggestions

This knowledge base is pretty new for the Emporia team. Our goal is to provide all of the information we can to help you manage your energy in better ways. If this article wasn't helpful, or we could be more clarifying on any points please reach out to the Customer Support team and we'll certainly work to improve these guides.

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