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Billing Date
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Billing Date is a setting available in the app to allow you to sync the monthly resolution of data shown in the app to be based on your billing cycle rather than the calendar month. Whenever a billing date is set within the app for a device, then all corresponding usage will be re-calculated into the billing months as needed.

Right now this feature only provides a billing cycle up to the 28th of each month and is a singular date setting. We're looking into options for dynamic billing cycles (changing dates) in the future.

How to change Billing Date setting:

  1. Select Menu(☰) in top left corner

  2. Select Household Info under Settings

  3. Select Billing Date

  4. Choose the device you would like to set the date for

  5. Select the day from the calendar and select Save


When you set the billing date to the 8th day of the month, the month for the Emporia App will be from the 8th of this month, to the 7th of next month.

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