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Multiple Vue: Gen 3's, Nesting and Subpanels
Multiple Vue: Gen 3's, Nesting and Subpanels
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One of the standout features of the Emporia Energy Vue: Gen 3 home energy monitoring system is "Nesting." This advanced feature allows users to integrate multiple monitoring devices, including additional Vue: Gen 3 units or compatible devices, into a cohesive network. Through the Emporia app, Nesting enables a combined view of your energy usage by aggregating data from various monitors that are tracking the same electrical circuits or systems. This integration is especially beneficial for users looking to monitor comprehensive energy usage across multiple panels or devices without duplicating data entries.

Note: Nesting works across different device types - this feature is not exclusively limited to the Vue: Gen 3 monitor.

Why Use Nesting?

Nesting is particularly useful in scenarios such as:

  1. Monitoring energy usage in setups with both main and sub electrical panels, each equipped with a Vue: Gen 3 device (or another Vue energy monitor model).

  2. Incorporating multiple Vue: Gen 3 units within a single panel to extend monitoring beyond the standard 16 circuits limit.

  3. Integrating Smart Plugs or EV Chargers that track energy consumption already monitored by a Vue: Gen 3 unit.

  4. Combining a Vue: Gen 3 device with a Utility Connect to differentiate between total system consumption (captured by the Utility Connect) and detailed circuit-level consumption (monitored by the Vue: Gen 3).

200A CT Usage in Nested Setups

Whether you need 200A current transformers (CTs) on a nested Vue: Gen 3 depends on the installation specifics:

- Same Panel: If you install a second Vue: Gen 3 in the same panel and nest it under the first, omit the 200A CTs for the second device since the primary device already monitors the main circuit.
- Sub-Panel: For installations in a sub-panel or similar downstream setups, 200A CTs are optional. They can capture the total usage of the sub-panel if not already monitored by the primary device's 50A CTs, ensuring accurate app calculations without being mandatory.

Example: Main and Subpanel Monitoring

Consider a scenario with Vue: Gen 3 units installed in both a main panel and a downstream sub-panel.

Panel & Sub Panel Gen 2 Diagram.png

Both units are equipped with 200A CTs, with the main panel also having 7x 50A CTs, and the sub-panel having 4x 50A CTs. The Home screen within the Emporia application will look something like the following after initial setup:


Since the sub-panel draws power through the main panel's breakers, nesting the sub-panel Vue: Gen 3 under the main panel Vue: Gen 3 in the app prevents data duplication and organizes the devices logically for easier monitoring.

Screenshot 2022-10-17 120852.png

Nesting Devices: Step-by-Step Guide

To nest one device under another, follow these steps:

1. Open the Emporia app and select the Menu (☰) in the top left corner.
2. Go to "Manage Devices" and choose the device you wish to nest (the downstream device).
3. Tap on "Vue Info" and then use the "Nest Under" drop-down to select the primary device. Confirm by selecting "Save."

After saving, the devices will be reorganized in the app, showing the nested device's data under the primary device, enhancing data accuracy and usability.


Choosing a Nesting Location

Typically, you should nest a device under the mains or a sub-panel already monitored by a 50A CT. However, the system also allows for nesting under specific 50A CT-monitored circuits if necessary.

Adding a Second Vue: Gen 3 in the Same Panel

To monitor additional circuits by adding another Vue: Gen 3 to the same panel, simply connect it to the same breakers as the existing unit, combining the wire harnesses as per the installation guide.

Feedback and Suggestions

As we continue to develop our knowledge base, your feedback is invaluable. If there are aspects of this guide that could be clearer or if you have suggestions for improvement, please reach out to our Customer Support team. We're committed to enhancing your experience with Emporia Energy products and helping you manage your energy more effectively.

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