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CT Sensors - More than 16 circuits to monitor?
CT Sensors - More than 16 circuits to monitor?
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For users of the Vue: Gen 3 home energy monitor seeking to monitor more than 16 circuits within their electrical panels, we understand that the limitation of 16 sensor ports per device may initially seem restrictive. However, there is an effective solution to expand your monitoring capabilities: using multiple Vue: Gen 3 devices in conjunction. This article outlines how to implement this solution using the "Nesting" feature to ensure comprehensive energy monitoring across your property.

Utilizing Multiple Vue: Gen 3 Devices

When your energy monitoring needs exceed the capacity of a single Vue: Gen 3 device, pairing two or more units together offers a seamless expansion of monitoring capabilities. This process is facilitated by a feature called "Nesting," which allows multiple devices to operate in synergy, providing a unified view of your energy consumption. There are two main scenarios for installing multiple Vue: Gen 3 devices:

1. Monitoring a Shared Panel with More Than 16 Circuits

If you have a single panel with more than 16 circuits, the process is straightforward:

- First Device Setup: Install the first Vue: Gen 3 device following the standard installation guide, utilizing all available sensor ports.
- Second Device Setup: Install the second Vue: Gen 3 device in the same panel. For this unit, omit the connection of the 200A Current Transformers (CTs) to the top ports. Instead, connect only the 50A CTs to the available ports for branch circuit monitoring.
- Nesting: Once both devices are operational, use the accompanying app to "Nest" the second device under the first. This configuration allows the devices to work together harmoniously, providing a consolidated view of your energy usage across all monitored circuits.

2. Monitoring Separate Panels (Main/Sub-Panel Relationship)

For properties with separate but related panels, such as a main panel and a sub-panel, each Vue: Gen 3 device can be installed in its respective panel following the standard installation guidelines. The "Nesting" feature is again utilized to integrate the data from both devices:

- Separate Installations: Set up each Vue: Gen 3 unit in its respective panel, adhering to the installation instructions provided.
- Nesting for Integration: Use the app to Nest the Vue: Gen 3 device monitoring the sub-panel under the device installed in the main panel. This arrangement enables a comprehensive overview of energy consumption data from both panels.

Expansion Modules

Currently, there is no expansion module available for the Vue: Gen 3. However, employing multiple Vue: Gen 3 units offers a comparable expansion of monitoring capabilities, ensuring that users can effectively monitor as many circuits as needed.

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