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Wire Harness - Breakers larger than 15 Amps
Wire Harness - Breakers larger than 15 Amps
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A critical component of the Vue: Gen 3 installation process is integrating the wire harness with the circuit breakers in your electrical panel. This guide clarifies how to achieve this, accommodating breakers of various sizes.

Compatibility with Various Breaker Sizes

The Vue: Gen 3 can be installed on circuit breakers larger or smaller than the standard 15A, which is a common size in US households. The installation flexibility ensures that the Vue: Gen 3 can adapt to different electrical systems, enhancing its usability across a wide range of homes.

Installation on Breakers Larger Than 15A

For installations on breakers larger than 15A, where there isn't an existing circuit to tap into, the wire harness provided with your Vue: Gen 3 can be connected directly to the breaker. This direct installation does not require any modification to the wire harness, making it a straightforward process.

Pigtail Installation on Existing Circuits

When connecting the Vue: Gen 3 to an existing circuit (a process known as "pigtail" or "wire tapping"), adjustments may be necessary to accommodate the existing setup. Specifically, if the existing circuit breaker exceeds 15A, the "bridge" wire included in the Vue: Gen 3 kit, which is rated for 15A, will need to be replaced. The replacement wire gauge should match the rating of your circuit breaker to ensure safety and compliance with electrical standards.

Your Feedback Matters

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