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How does the wire harness work?
How does the wire harness work?
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The Wire Harness acts as the vital link for the Vue: Gen 3, enabling it to connect seamlessly with four uniquely purposed wires. This integral part ensures the device is both powered and capable of performing detailed electrical measurements within your home.

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Note the "empty" terminal space between the L3 and L2 terminal ports - this is intended

The Black wire of the Wire Harness plays a dual role in your installation process. It not only powers the Vue: Gen 3 device but also monitors a phase of voltage within your electrical system.

Depending on whether your setup is single-phase, split single-phase, or three-phase, the installation locations for the Red and Blue wires will vary. Detailed instructions for the proper installation of these wires start from Step 6 (Page 18) in the Vue: Gen 3 Installation Guide, which is accessible here or through the Emporia Energy app. If you are uncertain about the number of power phases in your electrical system, we encourage you to remove the cover from your electrical panel, take a photograph, and send it to our Customer Support team. We are here to assist in determining the correct method for connecting your wire harness to your system.

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Quick Tips:

- If single phase (one live main), Black to live breaker... Red/Blue/White to neutral bus bar.
- If single-split phase (two live mains), Black and Red to live breakers on separate phases of power.... Blue/White to neutral bus bar.
- If three phase (three live mains), Black/Red/Blue to live breakers on separate phases of power... White to neutral bus bar.

The wire harness allows us to detect not only voltage but also provides insights into other intricate power-related information, such as phase, frequency, and offset. These values are crucial for delivering the most accurate measurements possible.

The White wire serves as the neutral line for the device and is typically connected to your neutral bus bar. An exception to this would be if you are utilizing an AFCI/GFCI or RCD breaker. For installations involving these breakers, please refer to the instructions found here.

Calibrating the device:

When first installing and setting up the device via the walkthrough within the app - the device will calibrate itself based on the voltage measurements taken and automatically match each sensor to the proper phase of voltage in your system. If you adjust the wire harness at all post-initial setup, then you'll want to re-calibrate the device to ensure that any physical changes to the hardware installation are captured. To run a re-calibration reset, you'll want to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are near the device you need to reset

  2. Open the Emporia Energy app on your smartphone or tablet

  3. Select Menu (☰) in the top left corner

  4. Select Manage Devices

  5. Select the device you want to make changes to

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Reset WiFi / Solar Setup

    • You will not lose any of your data or your device settings during this process

  7. Select the Vue: Gen 3 device ID under 'Tap Your Device ID'

  8. Select your WiFi network after the scan, and then Enter the WiFi Password

  9. Select "I have Solar/Generation" or "I do not have Solar/Generation" depending on your setup and continue the reset process appropriately.

Once this reset has been completed, the Vue: Gen 3 should have appropriately matched each sensor to the proper phase of voltage for the most accurate measurements possible.

Technical Specifications of the Wire Harness component

- 4x, 16 AWG wires (Black, White, Red, Blue) - 600V rated, 30" (762mm) length
- 1x, 5 port 7.6mm screw terminal plug connector

Can the Wire Harness be extended/shortened to fit?

Yes, the wire harness component has been designed to enhance installation flexibility much like the new CT redesign. You can unscrew the wires from the terminals on the green terminal block, cut/extend to length (usually w/ a wire nut or splicing) and reattach as needed. Recommended to keep extensions < 20ft in length, and ensure you re-terminate the wires into the appropriately labeled terminals marked on the front of the Vue: Gen 3 device. If extending the wire harness, you must use 16AWG 600V rated wires for the extension.

Feedback and Suggestions

We aim to provide comprehensive information to assist you in managing your energy more effectively. If this article does not meet your needs or if certain points could be clearer, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support team. We are committed to enhancing our guides based on your feedback.

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