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As we become increasingly conscious of our environmental impact and energy consumption, the need for simple, effective ways to manage our home energy use has never been more critical. The Vue: Gen 3 is here to make energy management accessible, insightful, and empowering for everyone.

Key Features at a Glance:

Seamless Integration: Fits right into your electrical panel for comprehensive monitoring. The redesign of the Vue: Gen 3 is focused on providing a slim, easy to install device with more flexibility than previous versions of the Vue energy monitors.

Real-Time Data: Tracks system voltage and amperage in real-time, providing immediate insights into your energy use.

Global Access: View your energy data from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Scalable Monitoring: Supports up to 19 circuit tracking sensors, allowing for precise energy management. If needing to monitor more circuits - can use multiple devices together to collect comprehensive circuit-level data.

Eco-Friendly: Helps reduce your carbon footprint by optimizing energy consumption. The new packaging on the Vue: Gen 3 has also been optimized to reduce environmental impact.

Simplified Energy Management

The Vue: Gen 3 is designed to fit effortlessly within your home's electrical panel. It uses sensors (called "CT's") to measure the electricity flowing through your main and branch circuit lines, delivering real-time and historical energy usage data directly to your fingertips. With the Emporia Energy app, you can view this information anytime, anywhere, ensuring you're always informed about your home's energy consumption.

Technical Specifications at Your Fingertips

For those who love the details, the Vue: Gen 3's technical specifications are readily available here. From its ability to measure up to 250A on main lines to the high-frequency data sampling rate, every aspect of the Vue: Gen 3 is designed to provide you with the most accurate and detailed view of your energy use.

Minimal Bandwidth, Maximum Insight

Understanding your home's energy use shouldn't require vast amounts of data. The Vue: Gen 3 is efficient, transmitting just 2.6 MB of data daily for a basic setup, and up to 30.2 MB for advanced monitoring setups. To put this in perspective, streaming a single HD video can use more than 1 GB of data in under an hour. The Vue: Gen 3's data use is a drop in the ocean compared to everyday online activities while still providing invaluable insights into your energy consumption.

Accuracy You Can Trust

Accuracy is paramount when it comes to managing your energy. That's why the Vue: Gen 3 boasts an impressive accuracy level of +/- 2% compared to utility provider measurements. This precision ensures you can make informed decisions about your energy use, leading to more effective management and cost savings.

The Vue: Gen 3 processes voltage and measurement data at an impressive rate of approximately 24,000 samples per second. Every half-second, it calculates the root mean square (RMS) averages for each channel. Utilizing these calculations, the Vue: Gen 3 intelligently matches current channels with the appropriate voltages to accurately calculate and display real power for each of the 19 CTs via the app, ensuring comprehensive energy monitoring and reporting.

Beyond Monitoring: Energy Management

The Vue: Gen 3 isn't just about monitoring; it's about managing and optimizing your energy use. Integrated with both Emporia and third-party devices, it enables automated control of your appliances, aligning with various energy-saving goals. Whether you're looking to reduce costs, lower your carbon footprint, or both, the Vue: Gen 3 is your partner in energy management.

We're Here to Listen

Your journey to smarter energy management is important to us. If you have any questions, need clarifications, or want to share your experience with the Vue: Gen 3, our Customer Support team is eager to hear from you. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us enhance our guides and support your energy management goals.

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