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When installing the EV Charger, a few decisions should be made related to the wiring of the device into your electrical system. Common questions about wire gauge and breaker size are covered below:

1.) Appropriate wire gauge? 6AWG is recommended for all installations. Important that you don't go larger than 6AWG wire since the wire terminals inside of the EV Charger itself are only large enough to allow 6AWG wire to fit, 4AWG will be too large. You'll also want to make sure that you don't go lower than 6AWG wire but can depend on the anticipated charge rate. Since distance of wire run to the EV Charger can also affect wire gauge size selection, important that you consult w/ a local electrician to find a safe and applicable wiring solution for your EV Charger installation.

2.) Breaker size? Will depend on the installed wiring option as well as the anticipated charge rate provided by the EV Charger. In most installation scenarios we see breakers rated anywhere from ~30A up to 60A+. NEC requires 20% room at the top of the breaker rating in comparison to expected load amounts - so if looking to get a 30A charge rate then it'd be important to use a 40A breaker which provides you enough excess to allow for 30A rates. Similar, if wanting the full 48A charge rate available from the EV Charger then its important to use a 60A (or more) breaker along with the hardwired installation option instead of the included NEMA plug. A professional electrician will be able to help find the correct breaker size for your installation requirements if needed as well.

3.) Copper or Aluminum wiring? Very important that you're using copper wire for the installation as aluminum wiring has different thermal properties that can affect EV Charger performance.

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