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The Emporia Energy EV Charger relies on a constant WiFi connection for real-time monitoring, scheduling, and control via the Emporia App. Despite this, it is designed to function appropriately even when offline or not connected to the internet.

Is a WiFi connection required for the EV Charger to work?

No, the EV Charger is delivered ready to charge at 40A without needing any adjustments via the app. Adjusting the charge rate or enabling automated functionality will require an initial connection to your WiFi network and setup within the Emporia App.

How do measurements work when the EV Charger loses connection with the Emporia cloud or internet?

  • Short interruptions/outages (less than ~20 minutes): The EV Charger retains measurement data on-device and uploads it to the Emporia cloud once the connection is restored.

  • Outages longer than 20 minutes: The EV Charger's on-device storage limits the retention of individual measurement records (seconds, minutes, hours). During longer outages, it tracks cumulative usage and averages this data into individual records once the connection resumes. While the total usage remains accurate, individual records may be approximations. In some cases, the device may lose track of cumulative usage, leading to potential data loss. Therefore, maintaining a constant WiFi connection is recommended if measurements are important to your situation.

What about EV Charger controls when offline?

Without a WiFi/cloud connection, the EV Charger cannot be managed through the app. Reconnecting to the Emporia cloud is necessary to manage functionality like charge rates or schedule adjustments. If your WiFi network is unavailable, consider connecting the EV Charger to your phone's WiFi hotspot temporarily for app-based control.

If the EV Charger was in a "Ready" state before the outage, it should continue to charge even while offline. If it was in a "Paused" state, reconnecting to the Emporia cloud is required to adjust its charging state.

Additional Offline Control

If you plug the charging connector into the car twice while the charger is offline, the charger will turn on and remain on until a Scheduled Off event occurs or you manually turn it off after cloud connectivity is restored. If the car is connected when the charger disconnects from the cloud, you will need to unplug and then plug in twice to turn the charger on.

EV Charger Schedules in an offline situation

Schedules are downloaded on-device, allowing them to continue working even if the EV Charger is disconnected from the network or Emporia cloud. Updating or changing scheduled behavior will require a re-connection of the EV Charger to the Emporia cloud.

Future Improvements and Customer Support

We are continuously working to make the EV Charger more responsive in offline situations. If you have specific requests regarding features or functionality in offline scenarios, please reach out to our Customer Support team.

Feedback and Suggestions

This knowledge base aims to provide comprehensive information to help you manage your energy effectively. If this article wasn't helpful or could be more clear on any points, please contact our Customer Support team. We are committed to improving these guides based on your feedback.

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