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The Home screen of the Emporia Energy app, when integrated with the Vue: Gen 3 home energy monitor, presents a clear and organized view of your home's energy usage. Here's a refined overview of what you can expect:


Upon accessing the Home screen, the first thing you'll notice is the name of your saved device prominently displayed at the top. Below the device name, the screen provides a detailed breakdown of your home's energy consumption, beginning with "Total Usage." This figure represents the aggregated energy usage measured by all 200A current transformers (CTs) connected to your Vue: Gen 3. For homes equipped with solar panels or other forms of energy generation, this metric may instead display as "Net Usage" or "Net Production," reflecting the balance of energy consumed versus produced.

Further down, you will find a list of individual circuits monitored by 50A CTs, alongside their respective real-time power measurements. Adjacent to each circuit name, the app displays the percentage of total (or net) energy usage attributed to that circuit, providing a comparative insight into where your energy is going. The "Balance" figure, located at the bottom of the list, represents the portion of your home's energy usage not directly monitored by a 50A CT. This value is deduced by the main sensors and accounts for what might be considered "un-monitored" consumption.

For users utilizing solar power or engaged in Net Metering, the Home screen adapts to illustrate the dynamics of back-fed generation.

Solar Net Production App Screen.png

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