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1.) If the outage is under ~20 mins or so, the Smart Plug should have enough storage on-device to retain all measurement data and upload that to the Emporia cloud once the connection has resumed.

2.) If the outage is greater than 20 mins, then its behavior is limited to the amount of storage on-device. In this situation, it won't be able to retain each of the individual measurement records (seconds, mins, hours if long enough or more), but will still keep track of the cumulative usage from during the outage. Once the outage is over, it'll then "average" the total cumulative usage into each of the individual measurement records that might've been lost from during the outage. That means that each of those individual records will have the same incorrect "averaged" amount, but the total should still be correct for that time period. It can happen however that the device might lose track of that cumulative usage and thus lose some of the measurement data completely, so very much recommended to keep the Emporia device connected if possible.

What about Smart Plug controls when offline?

Without a WiFi/cloud connection, the Smart Plug cannot be managed from within the app itself. Will need to turn on/off the Smart Plug via the physical power button on the device.

Schedules in an offline situation?

Schedules are downloaded on-device, so schedules should continue to work even if disconnected from the network or Emporia cloud. Updating/changing scheduled behavior will require the Smart Plug to be reconnected to the Emporia cloud.

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