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What size breaker should I install?
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Load Management lets you install a larger breaker than a traditional load calculation allows. For example, if you have a 100 amp panel that already has 90 amps worth of breakers installed, you would traditionally be limited to adding a 10A breaker. Load Management allows you to install a larger breaker, up to 60A in size that which allows you to charge at 48A. Load Management will monitor the panel’s total energy usage and adjust the EV charger to keep the total current through the panel below 100 amps.

Basically traditional breaker sizing can be applied similarly as if you were installing the EV Charger without Load Management. You'll need 20% additional capacity available on the breaker than the anticipated maximum charge rate supplied by the EV Charger.

Here's a handy list of typical breaker sizes and their related available max charge rates:

  • 60/70/80A breakers for 48A max charge rate

  • 55A breaker for 44A charge rate

  • 50A breaker for 40A charge rate

  • 45A breaker for 36A charge rate

  • 40A breaker for 32A charge rate

  • 35A breaker for 28A charge rate

  • 30A breaker for 24A charge rate

  • 25A breaker for 20A charge rate

  • 20A breaker for 16A charge rate

  • 15A breaker for 12A charge rate

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