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Level 2 EV Charger with Load Management
How do the Vue 2/3 and EV Charger work together for Load Management?
How do the Vue 2/3 and EV Charger work together for Load Management?
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The Vue: Gen 2 / Vue: Gen 3 are our most popular Energy Monitors and the perfect fit to provide Load Management monitoring for your electrical system. Given the excellent capabilities of the Vue: Gen 2 / Vue: Gen 3 to track your electrical system usage in real-time, it is the best option for enabling an energy management system like Load Management to work with the EV Charger.

Vue: Gen 2 / Gen 3 installation details can be found here if needed. The basic requirement is ensuring that the 200A CT's (sensors) on the Gen 2 / Gen 3 are properly installed on your electrical system mains. Once the energy monitor is tracking your system usage correctly, then the rest of the setup is fairly simple from within the app.

The Emporia Energy Level 2 AC EV Charger is best-in-class for its controllable feature set and is amplified with the combination of a Vue: Gen 2 or Vue: Gen 3 for Load Management. Installation details/requirements for the EV Charger can be found here and information about the app setup for Load Management specifically can be found here.

Once every minute the Vue: Gen 2 / Gen 3 will scan the previous minutes' worth of usage data for your electrical system. As soon as a threshold is detected (too much usage, too little) from your system mains (within the electrical panel), then we'll send a command to the EV Charger to adjust its charge rate accordingly.

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