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Installation Guide

For comprehensive step-by-step instructions on installing your Vue: Gen 3 Home Energy Monitoring Device, please refer to our official installation guides at Emporia Energy Installation Guides.

Common Questions About Installation

1. What If My Electrical Panel Lacks Space?

Solution: The Vue: Gen 3 is designed with flexibility in mind. It does not require mounting inside the electrical panel/consumer unit. The most crucial requirement is to protect the Vue: Gen 3 from rain and other environmental elements, as it is not rated for outdoor use. For indoor installations, you may place the Vue: Gen 3 in any suitable location that meets these criteria. For installations involving an outdoor panel, the Vue: Gen 3 should be housed in a separate, weatherproof enclosure. Ensure the sensors and wire harness are securely routed through a conduit into one of the panel's knockouts, safeguarding the device and maintaining a neat installation.

2. How Can I Install the Antenna If My Panel Has No Knockouts?

Solution: Effective Wi-Fi connectivity is essential for your Vue: Gen 3, requiring the antenna to be located outside the electrical panel. If your panel lacks knockouts and is flush-mounted within a wall, you can discreetly place the antenna behind the drywall. This method facilitates a strong Wi-Fi connection without compromising the aesthetics or integrity of your installation environment.

Feedback and Suggestions

The Emporia team is committed to enhancing your energy management experience. This knowledge base is a part of our ongoing effort to provide comprehensive support and guidance. If you encounter any issues or believe certain aspects of the installation could be better explained, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support team. We value your feedback and are dedicated to continuously improving our guides and support materials to serve you better.

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