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Emporia Energy is dedicated to helping you monitor and manage your solar energy generation efficiently. For homeowners and businesses with solar installations, we've crafted a specialized guide that details the integration of your Vue: Gen 3 device with solar systems.

Get Started with Our Supplemental Guide

To ensure a seamless setup, your first step should be to consult our Solar Installation Guide. This comprehensive resource is specifically designed for Vue: Gen 3 users with solar installations. It covers essential information such as correct sensor placement and offers valuable tips for accurately monitoring your energy generation.

Should you have further questions or require personalized assistance, the Emporia Customer Support Team is ready to help. Reach out to us for expert guidance on your solar monitoring setup.

How does the Emporia app display solar/generation?


Common Questions About Solar Monitoring

1. Is It Necessary to Reverse the Solar 50A CT?

Yes. For accurate monitoring, the orientation of the 50A CT sensor for solar circuits needs to be adjusted differently from standard installations. Ensure that the "Breaker" marking on the bottom of the 50A CT is directed towards the solar inverter, not the breakers/panel. This adjustment accounts for the reversed direction of power flow in solar generation systems.

2. Can the CT Sensor Measure DC Power from the Solar Inverter?

No. The CT (Current Transformer) sensors are designed exclusively for use with AC (Alternating Current) circuit lines. They cannot measure DC (Direct Current) power directly from the solar inverter. To monitor solar generation, ensure that measurements are taken on the AC side post-inversion.

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