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Emporia Energy is committed to providing our customers with not only innovative but also safe and reliable products. The Vue: Gen 3 home energy monitoring device is a testament to this commitment, designed to help you manage your home energy use more effectively. To ensure the utmost safety and reliability, we have secured multiple certifications for the Vue: Gen 3, attesting to its compliance with international safety standards.

Certifications Explained

- UL and cUL Certifications: The Vue: Gen 3 is UL61010 and UL2808 certified, indicating it has been tested and meets the rigorous safety standards for electrical equipment within the United States and Canada. The UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and cUL (Canadian UL) marks are widely recognized symbols of safety and reliability.

- CE Marking: This certification means that the Vue: Gen 3 complies with the essential health and safety requirements set out in European legislation. It signifies that the device is suitable for sale within the European Economic Area.

- UKCA Marking: The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking indicates that the Vue: Gen 3 meets the necessary safety and environmental protection standards for the United Kingdom.

- IC Certification: This certifies that the Vue: Gen 3 meets the standards for radio and telecommunications equipment in Canada, ensuring that the device does not cause harmful interference and can withstand interference that might lead to operational failure.

- FCC Certification: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification demonstrates that the Vue: Gen 3 complies with the limits set for electromagnetic interference in the United States, ensuring that the device does not interfere with other electronic equipment.

Detailed Certification Information

- UL61010-2-030 Certification (Vue: Gen 3 device): This specific certification relates to the safety requirements for electrical equipment intended for measurement, control, and laboratory use, particularly for equipment with testing or measuring circuits. The Vue: Gen 3 has been rigorously tested according to these standards, ensuring its safety and reliability in monitoring energy usage within your home.

- UL2808 Certification (CT's): The Vue: Gen 3 home energy monitoring device utilizes Current Transformers (CTs) that are also certified, ensuring the highest standards of safety and reliability are met for every component of the system. Specifically the energy monitoring current transformers have been rigorously evaluated and certified under the ANSI/CAN/UL 2808 standard.

Future Certifications

Emporia Energy is continuously working to expand the certifications of the Vue: Gen 3 to meet the evolving needs of our customers across the globe. If there's a specific certification you're interested in that is not listed, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support team. We value your input and are always looking for ways to enhance our products.

Your Feedback Matters

As we strive to improve our knowledge base and support resources, your feedback is invaluable to us. Should you have any suggestions on how we can make this article more informative or if you need further clarification on any points, please reach out to our Customer Support team. Your insights are crucial in helping us provide the best information and support to manage your energy more effectively.

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