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Vue: Gen 3
What's new in the Vue: Gen 3?
What's new in the Vue: Gen 3?
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Emporia Energy proudly introduces the Vue: Gen 3, the latest advancement in our line of home energy monitors. Building on the strong foundation of the Gen 2 model, the Vue: Gen 3 brings forth a series of enhancements designed to offer greater installation flexibility, improved accuracy, and a commitment to environmental sustainability. This article outlines the key updates provided by the Vue: Gen 3, aimed at equipping existing and new customers with comprehensive information to make informed decisions about their home energy management.

Key Upgrades and Enhancements

Enhanced Network Connectivity: A significant addition to the Vue: Gen 3 is the Ethernet port, offering users an alternative connection method to Wi-Fi. This enhancement caters to varied home network setups, ensuring a more flexible and reliable internet connection for monitoring your energy usage.


Ethernet port is located between the WiFi antenna connection point and mains sensor (CT) ports.

Refined Voltage Measurement Accuracy: The Gen 3 model introduces internal improvements that refine voltage measurement accuracy. While the Vue: Gen 2 performs admirably across standard installation scenarios, the Gen 3 version excels in delivering precise readings even in less common installation conditions. This upgrade ensures that all users benefit from accurate energy monitoring, particularly in unique setups.

Improved CT Sensor Connectivity: Transitioning from audio jack connectors to terminal blocks, the Gen 3 model enhances the reliability and stability of CT (current transformer) sensor connections. This change also allows users to customize CT wire lengths for a neater installation, accommodating various panel configurations with ease.


Device Physical Redesign: The Vue: Gen 3 features a slimmer profile, facilitating easier integration into electrical panels. It now supports DIN rail mounting, offering a secure and standardized option for installation. The redesign strategically places all branch CT terminals on one side, simplifying installation and improving accessibility.
​Eco-Friendly Packaging: In line with our commitment to sustainability, the Vue: Gen 3 is presented in redesigned packaging that minimizes environmental impact, reflecting our dedication to eco-conscious practices.

Updated UL Certifications: The Vue: Gen 3 and its CT sensors have been updated with UL certifications (UL 61010 for the device and UL 2808 for the sensors), ensuring adherence to the highest safety and quality standards.

Continued Excellence in Energy Monitoring

While the Vue: Gen 3 introduces these improvements, it's important to note that the Gen 2 model remains a robust and effective solution for real-time energy monitoring and management. For customers with a functioning Gen 2 device, the transition to Gen 3 offers additional benefits rather than a complete overhaul of functionality. In essence, the Vue: Gen 3 builds on the proven capabilities of its predecessor, enhancing user experience with specific upgrades tailored to installation flexibility, measurement accuracy, and environmental responsibility.

Can a Vue: Gen 2 work with a Vue: Gen 3?

The physical devices do have a few features that are distinct from each other - primarily the sensor and wire harness connections to the gateway device. CT's are relatively similar in design, however the connection point is very different and recommended to keep each generation of sensor dedicated to their specific device type because of the change from audio jacks to screw terminal blocks. Outside of the physical differences, both device types can work together via the Emporia Energy app and the "nesting" functionality to monitor circuits and usage in tandem. There are no restrictions within the app functionality that will be exclusive to a Vue: Gen 3 vs a Vue: Gen 2 energy monitor.

Do I need to upgrade from a Vue: Gen 1 or Gen 2 to a Vue: Gen 3?

Primary reasons for wanting to upgrade would be these:
1.) If using the Vue: Gen 1, the inclusion of voltage monitoring (available in Vue: Gen 2 as well) provides a significant increase in accuracy and may be helpful if voltage measurements are desired.
2.) If an Ethernet network connection is required (vs WiFi only), then the Vue: Gen 3 would be recommended.
3.) If needing to customize CT or wire harness wire length (for small/cramped panel spaces), then the Vue: Gen 3 might be a good option as it provides more options and flexibility in this situation.
4.) Improved accuracy? Vue: Gen 2 and Vue: Gen 3 will be very similar in their expected accuracy - for most users there will not be a significant improvement here. Both Vue: Gen 2 and Vue: Gen 3 have an expected +/-2% accuracy threshold as compared to your utility provider over the +/-10% accuracy of our Vue: Gen 1 energy monitor.
5.) Solar, generation monitoring? No differences here, all three devices are capable of monitoring generation in your electrical system.

Additional Information

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Emporia Energy is committed to empowering our customers with the tools and knowledge to manage their energy usage efficiently. If you have feedback or suggestions on how we can further improve our products or this guide, please reach out to our Customer Support team. Your input is invaluable in our continuous effort to enhance our services and support your energy management journey.

Should you consider upgrading to the Vue: Gen 3 or have questions about how these updates might benefit your specific energy monitoring needs, our team is here to provide comprehensive support and information.

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