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Outdoor vs. Indoor Installations
Updated over a week ago

Can I install or use the EV Charger both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, the Emporia Energy EV Charger is designed for both indoor and outdoor installations. The charger features a watertight NEMA Type 4 enclosure, making it suitable for all weather conditions and ensuring safe operation in either environment.

Does the EV Charger J1772 connector have weather protections?

Yes, the J1772 connector (also known as the "charger gun") includes a rubber cap to protect the port contacts from adverse weather conditions. The NACS version of the EV Charger has a specific connector mount that also provides weather protection. For customers seeking additional protection from environmental elements, there are third-party mounting kits available that can provide further options.

Can I lock the EV Charger to prevent unauthorized use if installed outdoors?

Yes, you can manage the EV Charger remotely using the Emporia app, provided the charger is connected via WiFi. When the charger is set to "Paused" in the app, it prevents any charging activity, effectively locking the charger. To resume charging, simply switch the charger to "Ready" from the app's Control Page. Please note that the EV Charger does not have physical locks; all controls are managed through the Emporia app.

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