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Affect on other Emporia functionality
Affect on other Emporia functionality
Updated over a week ago

Load Management will override some features like Scheduling (Time of Use), Excess Solar as well as Peak Demand Management for the EV Charger. This is because service capacity (and over usage) is primarily a safety concern, so Load Management will be the first priority within the Emporia functionality to override existing control settings.

Dynamic/adjustable Charge Rates: since Load Management controls your available charge rate dynamically, the ability to manually adjust charge rates is disabled.

Time of Use Management (Schedules): Timing will still be respected, so if you have a schedule to only allow charging during certain periods of the day, then that will be followed. Only difference is that the actual charge rate supplied from the EV Charger to vehicle may be reduced as compared to other times if there are any restrictions required by Load Management.

Excess Solar Management: this feature should not conflict with Load Management in anyway since they're essentially on opposite ends of the control spectrum. Excess Solar generation (net production) will not cause any limitations for Load Management since any Net Production (generated power going back to grid) will erase any load limitations from consumption happening in the system.

Peak Demand Management: Load Management will take precedence over any Peak Demand management features since Load Management is safety critical. That being said, if you're getting close to Peak Demand thresholds, then Load Management will also probably be adjusting the available load to the EV Charger given available service load.

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