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Wire Harness - Installation Issues
Wire Harness - Installation Issues
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Suppose you encounter an error like the one below. In that case, we have a discrepancy between the number of valid voltages being seen by the wire harness and the number of 200a sensors installed (You will only want 200a sensors installed on Live lines from the meter. No 200a sensors on Neutral).


The Gen 2 installation guide (available here or in the app) will outline the proper installation for these wires and begins on Step 8 of that guide (Page 16).

You will want your number of valid voltages captured by the Wire Harness to match the number of 200a sensors you have installed:
โ€‹Single Phase Systems: 1 200a sensor. Black Wire to the breaker. Red, White, and Blue to Neutral

Split Phase/ 2 Phase Systems: 2 200a sensors. Black Wire to breaker (phase 1), Red Wire to breaker (phase 2), Blue and White to Neutral

3 Phase Systems: 3 200a sensors. Black wire to breaker (phase 1), Red Wire to breaker (phase 2), Blue Wire to breaker (phase 3), White to Neutral

If you think you have your wire harness set up correctly and are still receiving this error, make sure you do not have any of the Phase Wires (Black, Red, or Blue) hooked to breakers on the same phase of power. Double breakers (breakers with two switches in one slot) will be on the same phase of power:


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