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Incorrect Solar Net Metering
Incorrect Solar Net Metering
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If the solar/net metering amount is not being measured correctly, it usually comes from one of two issues:

1.) 200A CT's placed incorrectly - will want to ensure your 200A CT's on the Gen 2/Gen 1 device are placed on the main lines in between the incoming grid power and the solar input to the system. That helps the device see grid supplied power coming from one direction, and backfed solar/generation coming from the other direction.

This is usually only an issue in setups that have line-tapped solar, or solar lines connected directly into the mains. It is also possible that some solar installations have the solar/inverter lines going directly into the meter or having a connection higher upstream than the existing panel where the Gen 2 is located at. There are a few other installation scenarios where this can cause problems, so if unsure feel free to take a few pictures of the installation and send them over to the Customer Support team for additional setup help.

2.) Incorrect device calibration - if you've confirmed sensors are in the correct position, then the Gen 2/Gen 1 device might just need a re-calibration reset to track usage correctly. Steps for this particular reset scenario are covered down below, but the important part of that re-calibration reset is to make sure your solar is turned off (so 200A CT's can't see any generation) and that you have a large consumption load running on each phase in the system. We generally recommend > 1kW per phase.

Steps for Solar Re-Calibration reset (Gen 2/Gen 1):

  1. Make sure you are near the device you need to reset

  2. Open the Emporia Energy app on your smartphone or tablet

  3. Select Menu (☰) in top left corner

  4. Select Manage Devices

  5. Select the device you want to make changes to

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Reset WiFi / Solar Setup

    • You will not lose any of your data or your device settings during this process

  7. Select the device you want to reset

  8. Select Go to directly to setup

  9. On the Safety Information page select Next

  10. On the Solar / Generation page, select I have Solar / Generation

    • Turn your solar power OFF so you only have energy from your Utility

    • Turn ON a load (several large appliances ideally) so the device can calibrate consumption

  11. Select Solar is off and appliance is on

  12. Follow the prompts in the app to locate your device via Bluetooth and connect it to your WiFi network

  13. The Gen 2 will configure your system for Solar Net Metering. Once complete, Save the Name of your Vue and the correct Timezone

  14. Select Ok! Show me my energy

  15. Turn your appliance(s) OFF and your solar power back ON

  16. Your Gen 2 will now show excess generation as green (negative) numbers and bars on the graphs and load will display as blue (positive) numbers and bars on the graphs

If this reset/re-calibration does not work, feel free to reach out to Customer Support for further diagnostic help.

Feedback and Suggestions

This knowledge base is pretty new for the Emporia team. Our goal is to provide all of the information we can to help you manage your energy in better ways. If this article wasn't helpful, or we could be more clarifying on any points please reach out to the Customer Support team and we'll certainly work to improve these guides.

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