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CT/Sensor not in Circuit List (not showing up)
CT/Sensor not in Circuit List (not showing up)
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Whenever a CT or sensor is not showing up in the Home screen circuit list, that'd be the device telling us it doesn't detect a sensor plugged into the port.

Note - We'll always show the number of "available" ports/sensors in the settings menus - so seeing it on a menu/list in that way is not deterministic of this situation, its the lack of circuit measurements showing up on the Home screen circuit list which tells us about this issue.

First thing to do is just check the physical sensor itself - loose sensor jacks #1 cause of this issue in particular. You'll just want to make sure the sensor is plugged in all the way to the device port and seated securely.

If that doesn't solve the issue, you'll want to try a quick sensor swap to find the root cause. To do this, you can take a sensor you know is working and plug it into the problematic port, and the suspect sensor over to that device port you know is working. Depending on where the measurement shows up should tell you right away if a bad device port or bad sensor causing the problem.

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