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A basic Home screen listing for the Gen 2 might look like this:


At the top of the device list, you'll see the saved device's name. Down below, you'll see the circuit measurements. Total Usage is the combined total of all of the 200A CT's connected to the device. This may change to a Net Usage/Net Production value if you have solar or generation happening in the system. Below will be the list of 50A CT's and branch circuits. To the right of the circuit names, you'll see the real-time power measurements, and to the right of that will be the percentages of usage for each circuit as compared to Total (or Net) Usage. Balance is the bottom line value and accounts for usage not captured with a 50A CT that can but detected by the mains sensors. You could call this "un-monitored" usage. More details about Balance can be found here.

What about solar/Net Metering?

The Home screen will change a little bit whenever you have back-fed generation and Net Metering enabled for the Gen 2. Here's an annotated screenshot of what those numbers mean and how they're calculated:


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