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Vue: Gen 2
Setup and Installation
Wire Harness - Breakers larger than 15 Amps
Wire Harness - Breakers larger than 15 Amps
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It is very much possible to install the Gen 2 on breakers larger or smaller than 15A - 15A is just used as a default since it is a common breaker type available in the US.

If installing the Gen 2 on a breaker larger than 15A without an existing circuit, then the Gen 2 wire harness wires can be installed directly into the breaker without any changes required.

If the Gen 2 will be pigtailed (wire tapped) into an existing circuit connection, then you'd want to replace the "bridge" wire we include as part of the kit since that is only rated for 15A. The gauge of wire required for that bridge will depend on the breaker rating itself. See the below illustration for a reference.


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