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CT Sensors - More than one line through a sensor?
CT Sensors - More than one line through a sensor?
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In general, we recommend keeping a single line through a single sensor. One situation where you can add multiple lines through a single sensor would be if both lines are on the same phase of power. If using two lines from separate phases of power through a single sensor, then their measurements would be cancelled out against each other. In a situation where you do have the same phase wires running through a sensor, it'll provide the total usage from both lines (or more) as a single measurement in the app. Standard amperage/usage limitations still apply, which would be 50A for the sensor on a Gen 1, and 75A total for the Gen 2 side sensor.

Here is a simple illustration of the Phase A(L1) and Phase B(L2) of a single split phase panel found in most North American Homes. The sensors should not be placed around a wire from phase 'A' and 'B' at the same time for the reason explained above.


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