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CT Sensors - More than 16 circuits to monitor?
CT Sensors - More than 16 circuits to monitor?
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If you need to monitor more than 16 circuits, then the best solution would be to use two (or more) Gen 2 devices together. The feature we can use here is called Nesting. Depending on where the circuits needing to be monitor are, there are two different installation methods for multiple devices working together:
1.) If the two Gen 2's (or more) are in a shared panel with more than 16x circuits to monitor - the first Gen 2 can be setup exactly as per the installation guides. Second Gen 2 device would be setup similarly, but you'd skip the 200A CT's/top ports on that device and only use the 50A CT's. Then once both are up and running you can Nest the second device under the first from within the app to have them work together.
2.) If the two Gen 2's are in separate (but related) panels, i.e. main/sub-panel relationship - then both Gen 2's can be setup in their own panel as per the installation guides. Similar Nesting functionality as before, the sub-panel Gen 2 can be nested under the main panel Gen 2 from within the app.

Is there an expansion module available for the Gen 2?
No - recommend using multiple Gen 2 units, will provide the same capability.

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