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Installation Guide:

Common Questions related to installation:

1.) What if my panel does not have space? The Gen 2 does not need to be mounted inside of the electrical panel/consumer unit. The primary requirement is that the Gen 2 is kept out of the rain/weather/elements as it's not rated for outdoor use. So if your installation is indoors, it can be setup in whichever way works best for your situation. If installing outside of an panel located outdoors, the Gen 2 should be installed in a separate weatherproof box with the sensors/wire-harness running through conduit going into one of the panel's knockouts.

2.) My panel does not have knockouts, how can I install the antenna? The Gen 2 needs its antenna located outside of the panel to properly connect to Wi-Fi. If your panel has no knockouts but has open sides and is flush-mounted in a wall, you can place the antenna behind the drywall.

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