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CT Sensors - Bi-directional current detection
CT Sensors - Bi-directional current detection
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The 200A CT sensor readings are capable of reporting bi-directional energy flow. The 50A CT sensor readings are not yet capable of reporting bi-directional energy flow.

Please Note: This is a software limitation for data collected by the device's side ports and not a limitation of the sensors themselves. Therefore, using a 200A CT in a side-port on the device (rather than top port) will not provide bi-directional current detection.

We are working on a future firmware update which would extend the bi-directional energy reporting capabilities to all sensors/ports, but right now, the 50A CTs are not able to see energy flow in both directions.

This lack of bi-directional monitoring results in the following limitations:

1.) When the 50A CT sensors are monitoring a solar line, they will detect a few watts of energy production at night when no energy is being generated. This false production comes from the solar inverter's consumption at night which is incorrectly shown as generation because the 50A CT sensors are not bi-directional.
2.) Batteries - the 50A CT will see both charge and discharge behavior, but will only be able to tag all usage as either production or consumption.
3.) Sub-panels/downstream solar which causes bi-directional current flow through branch circuit lines monitored w/ a 50A CT. If you're monitoring sub-panel feeder lines from a main panel where the solar can "backfeed" into the main panel, then the reversed flow of current will be tracked as consumption.

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