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How the wire harness works
How the wire harness works
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The Wire Harness is the component of the Gen 2 that connects to the bottom of the device with 4 wires.


The Black wire on the Wire Harness will be used as part of your installation to both provide power to the Gen 2 itself, but to also monitor one phase of voltage through your electrical system.
The placement of the Red and Blue wires will depend on if you have a single phase, split single phase or three phase system. The Gen 2 installation guide (available here or in the app) will outline the proper installation for these wires beginning on Step 8 (Page 16). If you're not sure how many phases of power your electrical system has, feel free to take a picture of your electrical panel (with the cover off) and send it to the Customer Support team. We can provide guidance as to how the wire harness should be connected for your system.
Through the wire harness, we'll be able to detect voltage as well as other detailed power related information like phase, frequency and offset. We use those values to provide the most accurate measurements possible although not all are shown in the app at the moment. We'd like to add voltage as well as other measurements to the app at a future point in time.
The White wire is the neutral line for the device and is usually attached to your neutral bus bar. The one exception would be if you're using an AFCI/GFCI or RCD breaker. Installation instructions for that situation can be found here: Wire Harness - AFCI/RCD breakers, breaker is tripping after installation.

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