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CT Sensors - Bi-directional current detection
CT Sensors - Bi-directional current detection
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Emporia Energy's Vue: Gen 3 home energy monitor represents a significant step forward in our commitment to advanced home energy management. However, we want to clearly communicate the current capabilities and future enhancements related to our device, particularly concerning bi-directional current measurements.

Current Capabilities:

Our Vue: Gen 3 monitor's 200A CT sensors can accurately report energy flow in both directions, supporting comprehensive monitoring of your home's energy production and consumption. This functionality is crucial for homes with solar energy production, allowing for precise tracking of energy generated and consumed.

However, we acknowledge a current limitation with the 50A CT sensors. At present, these sensors, designed for monitoring branch circuits within an electrical panel, do not support bi-directional energy flow measurements. This limitation is due to the software processing data from the device's side ports and is not a reflection of the sensors' capability. Consequently, even if a 200A CT is connected to a side port, it will not measure bi-directional current.

Planned Enhancements:

We are excited to announce that our engineering team is actively developing a firmware update to address this limitation. Slated for release in late-spring or early-summer 2024, this update will enable bi-directional energy flow reporting for all sensors and ports, including the 50A CTs. This enhancement will significantly improve the accuracy and utility of energy monitoring for our users.

Current Limitations Explained:

1. Solar Line Monitoring: Currently, the 50A CT sensors might inaccurately report minimal energy production at night due to the solar inverter's consumption, as they cannot differentiate between energy production and consumption.
2. Battery Monitoring: While these sensors can detect charge and discharge activities, they cannot correctly label the energy as either produced or consumed, limiting the accuracy of energy monitoring.
3. Sub-panels and Downstream Solar: Monitoring sub-panel feeder lines or any scenario involving bi-directional current flow through branch circuits with a 50A CT will inaccurately record reversed current flow as consumption.

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